Institute of Education Sciences


Edutupia Grants and Resources

Education, Technology, and Innovation Links

Get Education Funding

EIRC Programs Services Research and Grants

School Climate

Scoop It !!!!

100 Books Everyone Must Read Before Graduating College

Popular Social Consciousness Goodreads

100 Must Read Afrcan American Books Challenge

100 Books by Black Women Everyone Must Read

Harvard Family Research Project

The Pew Research Center

15 Best Educational Search Engines

100 Search Engines for Academic Research





One thought on “Resources

  1. Class today was exciting and cool, the diagram of 21st century pedagogy was very thorough. The accuracy of the information was astounding as we’ll. I never knew that Facebook or twitter if used properly can be educational.
    As we go through the week, I would like to learn how to use the professional website, Linkedin.

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