Training, Workshops and Consulting

Are you a Racist or Anti-Racist? 

White Supremacy: A Dangerous Deception 

Digital Natives:  Why Technology is No Longer an Add On but a Language

Recreating Community and Economic Opportunities in a Pandemic 

Conscious Parenting, Youth Apprenticeship, and Mentoring

Reopening Churches with Safety and Security  

Expanding Community-Based Economic Enterprise

#Support Black Businesses and Economic Development 

Understanding Millennials with Generational Literacy and Intelligence

Reentry and Renewal:  How we Passionately and Purposely Reintegrate the Formerly Incarcerated into Society 

Financial Aid and Scholarship Boot Camp ( For Individuals, Families or Organizations)

Preparing for Higher Education from 6th Grade through Senior Year

Cultivating a Dynamic, Innovative Entrepreneurial Spirit with Social and Cultural Capital

Developing Healthy Emotional Spirituality:  The Key to Healthy Self -Identity

Strategic Planning for Effective Family, School and Community Partnerships

Whole Church Culture and Climate Assessments (5 Generations)

Spiritual Gift Assessment for Individuals, Churches and Communities

5 Fold Church Health Ministry Birthing and Development

Organizational Capacity Building

Organizational Website, Social Networking and Technology Development


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