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Women’s Clothing

Lisa is inspired to put her best self forward & to show women to do the same. It is her desire to encourage women to dress with love and beauty-starting from the inside-out. It is important that we as women, stand confidently in knowing that you can exhibit a unique & fierce look, and still be virtuous.

Faith and Triumph

Looking back- life was great! Then, suddenly, it happened and it didn’t kill me. What is “it”? It is all those obstacles and catastrophic events that may cause some to lose hope and let go of their faith. In this book, I will share my story of faith and determination to press and move forward.

The Belvedere Cigar Lounge invites Sisters and Brothers of the leaf to the premiere members only cigar lounge in the South Jersey/Philadelphia region.

Dr. Saute Dean Chiropractic and Pain Relief

Culture, Community, Autonomy -Restoring Cultural Autonomy through Research and Application in our Community.
It was 1990 and Carey Hamilton, long time chef and caterer, had an idea for a business. If he could combine good flavors, healthy ingredients and his knowledge of traditional southern fare, he could have a very successful food venture. Thus, began Carey’s Gourmet! Over the years, Carey and his wife, Jennifer, have worked hard to develop great products that represent his initial dream. As a result, we have developed a very strong interest in their original creation throughout retail and commercial food industries: The Collard Green Spring Roll & Mango Jerk Dipping Sauce.
If you want to be an effective leader you must learn to lead yourself first. The 8 principles that Jonathan presents are essentials keys to establishing a firm foundation in yourself before you lead others. A MUST READ!

The Bible Is Black History Institute