Our Consulting


Website Development, Social Media/Networking, G-Suite Administration (All Google Platforms)

Video Production, Podcasting, Live Streaming Solutions, and YouTube Site Development


Financial Aid Application Process & Scholarship Search and Winning Techniques

Scholarship Bootcamp 101

How to Find the Right College or Career

Searching for A Career or Your Calling?

Innovation, Education and Technology: You Don’t Know what You Don’t Know!!


Social-Emotional Learning

Student Peer Leadership Development Programs

Wholistic Approaches to School and Community Transformation

Youth Court Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation

Core Knowledge Curriculum – Instructional Innovation

Strategic Planning for Effective Family, School and Community Engagement

Environmental (School, Climate, and Culture) Assessments

Integrating Apprenticeship Partnerships into Student Learning

Community Services

CPR Certification

Building a Healthy Youth Ministry

Spiritual Gift Assessments for Individuals and Churches

Cultivating Effective leadership and preparing those who “got next”

SOZO HEALTH INITIATIVE – Developing an Effective and Outreach based 5 Fold Health Ministry

Integrating Effective Technology and Social Media as Spiritual Capital

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