We provide customized training models and programs for educators, students, parents, private and non-profit organizations in a variety of areas. These are the current training models available:

Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying (HIB) Prevention, Reporting and School Compliance

The State of New Jersey has implemented a rigorous new Anti Bullying Law (Bill of Rights) which holds schools, districts and communities accountable for adopting a HIB policy that is in compliance with the statutes. ARE YOU IN COMPLIANCE?  There is a new definition of bullying and also a new policy adopted by the Department of Higher Education. Every school district must adopt the policy through a process that includes representation of parents, school employees, volunteers, students, administrators, and community representatives. Please be advised that under the previous law, schools were required to attempt to adopt the policy through this process, but that under the new law, this process is required.  Powerful Visions provides districts and schools with knowledgeable presenters and trainers who can can provide the background, and overview of the amendments to the law while helping schools build bridges with private and non profit sectors in to develop an authentic and collective effort of community representation, and an effective media campaign utilizing social networks, Youtube, and DVD’s (in multiple languages) to fulfill the requirements of the law for all coordinators, specialists and school safety teams. Powerful Visions uses an array of audio visual resources from dramatic presentations, plays and music to anti bullying apps and videos for iphones, Ipads and android smartphones.

Life Skills
This model provides adult and youth coaching for individuals and groups in areas such as emotional/social learning, effective parenting, personality development, community/civic engagement and self management.

Technology, Youth Identities, and Moral Formation   Today’s technology has become the lens through which we experience our everyday realities. From Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to Youtubes, Tumblr and Text Messaging, the landscapes on which young people communicate, build knowledge and learn have challenged traditional educational frameworks. This coaching module, designed for educators and all those who share the responsibility of educating our youth, will help individuals to:  (1) understand how student’s cognitive development and biological processes along with technology, influences young people’s learning capacity, (2) utilize technology tools and develop communication skills to integrate strategies that are effective in enhancing the student learning environment, and (3) build bridges with other community and business organizations for social capital and capacity sustainability.


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