ATW 2017 “Hidden Figures” Presentations


Historical Context for the Hidden Figures Presentations

Group presentations will require group members to research their content, utilize technology and all the resources made available to them in our classes.

Categories for Presentations:

HBCU  vs   Ivy League

Public vs Private

Universities vs Colleges

In State  vs Out of State

The presentations will be judged on dynamic content, creativity and accurate information that answers the following questions:

A).  What are major Pros and Cons for attending each of the choices?

B).   What can and will we do to cover the cost of these institutions without burdening our parents?

C). What is the best way to choose a college that will meet our academic and financial interests, cultivate our leadership abilities,  provide a great network for our career path and keep us engaged in issues relevant to our community?

D).  List at least 10 must view websites that all current high school/college bound students should frequently use to help them prepare and overcome challenges on their journey to college and career success?


How to offset college costs without debt: Announcing Scholarship Bootcamp 101!


The above picture can be taken two ways. It could represent the current dominant reality of high student loan debt that has become a burden to a significant population of college graduates.  But, what I am suggesting is that it can also represent a new vision, a powerful vision of students graduating debt free and starting their after college careers off with money in their pockets, savings and investments rather than debt. Do you want it? Are you seeing it? Are you feeling it?  There is a segment of the population of student graduates who start their career off with no student loan debt because they and their parents were instrumental in being strategic, intentional and focused on securing scholarship money that not only covered their college expenses, but put additional money in their pockets while in school.  All things are possible for those who believe and follow the plan!

With my powerful vision, students are able to use a significant amount money earned from jobs while in college and gifts from family directly into investments and/or starting a business because they have tapped into this great land of opportunities and free advertising from the internet  It is true, if you are willing to work hard, work the right plan and follow the advice and the secure the support of those who have been successful in moving in the opposite direction of student loan debt to the promised land of financial independence, then you need to connect with my powerful vision.  There are proven plans, systems and blueprints that work for losing weight, building a house to gaining wealth from stocks, options, and real estate investments. I am here to let you know that there is a proven system for winning scholarships to offset your college costs and start investing in your self and not debt.  That doesn’t even sound right. Investing in debt?

Imagine this vision that I shared with my students and parents this summer when I presented my workshop during the At the Well Leadership Academy at Princeton University with regards financial aid and winning scholarships:  “Ladies, can you imagine what type of graduation presents you might receive if your parents had to pay zero dollars for your college education?  I see someone getting a down payment for their townhouse and/or an Infinity Q37x (that’s what I drive)?  Do you see where we are going? Follow this proven system and you will be on the road to financial freedom long before college graduation.”

Like any plan, the sooner you begin, the more structured and focus you become, the higher your level of success will be.  My plan applies to students from middle school to students in their junior year of college.  I have over 27 years of experience in higher education working in the field of financial aid.  There was a time when financial aid administrators would go out to college nights and tell parents and students that you do not have to pay for “financial aid or scholarship consultants.”  From my perspective, I would suggest that the language has now changed because so many students are finding themselves in unprecedented levels of debt.

I am suggesting that parents and students should not pay excessive fees for any services but be open to investing moderately to secure the tools to be self sufficient when it comes to successfully finding, applying and winning scholarships to offset college costs from “legitimate and authentic” consultants who have integrity.  I have been researching this area for several years (because I am a research junkie) and gathering the best information from the success stories of students who have shared their blueprints for winning large amounts of scholarships.  I also have a high level of respect for the professionals who have produced some very important resources for this cause. You can no longer limit your scholarship searches to online (one shoe does not fit all) and if you want to win, you are going to have to work it on the ground!!   Stay tuned because Scholarship Bootcamp 1o1 is coming soon to help families win so they can invest in a college education debt free!!

I would appreciate anyone sharing their successes, challenges and opinions about anything I mentioned in this blog.

ATW Prezi, Pecha Kucha, and Powtoon Group Projects



PREZI, POWTOON AND PECHA KUCHA WORKSHOP   – At the Well Leadership Academy

Princeton University, Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Presenter:   Thomas Holmes, MDiv, MPA

The purpose of this workshop is to provide students with presentation tools that can be used effectively to facilitate the practical application of knowledge through a dynamic, storytelling, collaborative, innovative, and shared experiences.


1).  Students with no Prezi, Pecha Kucha or Powtoon presentation experience will learn the basics and some advanced features, as a foundation to build on their skill sets to master the art of dynamic presentations.

2).  Students with prior Prezi presentation experience will be able to enhance their knowledge with new ways to present data and content.

3).  Students will view (on their time) tutorial videos on how to use Prezi templates, navigate the canvas, add images, URLs, symbols, frame content, use the transformation tool, and insert music, videos and other media.

4). Students will create one group Prezi Project Presentation based on their integrated group dialogue, individual research and group surveys.

Structure: (Each student should first go to Prezi and create a FREE ACCOUNT if they have not done so already)

  1. I will assign group leaders and group members according to certain parameters.

a. The group leader shall collect names (and nicknames if preferred), email, cell numbers, and identify each member’s category for membership.

1. Group leaders should facilitate creative and collaborative superiority on their Prezi presentation, but EVERYONE MUST CONTRIBUTE CONTENT TO THE PRESENTATION AND IT HAS TO BE AWESOME!

2. Each group member who is unfamiliar with Prezi, Powtoon or Pecha Kucha is expected to review the video tutorials on

3.  Groups are to meet at least 3 times to collaborate on their project that is due by noon, Wednesday, August 6, 2015. Members are allowed to work independently according to assignments that are agreed upon democratically within the group and share their work via email and/or Google docs.



Applying to colleges and applying for scholarships can be an overwhelming task. In an effort to make this process easier we need a clear presentation of how to go about applying and getting admitted to the best colleges in this country and securing the most money to offset college costs.

1).  I want each group to do an Amazing Prezi which will include 1 Powtoon, 1 Pecha Kucha PowerPoint on applying for scholarships.

You presentation should answer the following questions:

A).  How can I can cover the cost of college without burdening my parents?

B). What is the best way to choose a college that will meet my academic and financial interests, cultivate my leadership abilities, and fulfill my commitment to community engagement? (Be sure to clearly define community)

C).  What are the essential 15 websites that all current high school/college bound students should frequently use to help them prepare and overcome challenges on their journey to college success?