Can you Pecha Kucha?

PEcha Kucha

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Technology Class

Objective:  To learn the basics of creating and using the PechaKucha PowerPoint style for engaging presentations





1).  Watch the YouTube below about  Pechora Kucha

a.  Pay close attention to how the presenter conveys his message about the power of signs in our everyday life with regards to empathy and how we respond to language.

2).  Consider how this presentation format could be used to help you present on a variety of knowledge and messages from your classes and the speakers who are pouring into you At the Well.

3).  Get into your groups, convene a conversation on the presenter’s content and presentation and share your thoughts.  Feel free to search the internet for more Pecha Kucha presentations as you share!  Will you import a PechaKucha Presentation into your Prezi Project?

4).  Continue to work in your groups on your Prezi projects. Group leaders will be responsible for reporting the progress of the group and of each individual in your group upon request.




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