At the Well Prezi Group Projects


The purpose for creating ATW Prezi Groups is to provide students with a relative new technology tool that can be used to present the practical application of knowledge, in a specific subject area, through a dynamic, collaborative and innovative experience.


1).  Students with no Prezi presentation experience will learn the basics of the features and how to use the tools to create a dynamic Prezi over and over again.

2).  Students with Prezi presentation experience will learn more advanced features such as how to auto- play your Prezi, and harness the educational power of collaboration, storytelling, and sharing.

3).  Students will learn how to import Powerpoint presentations, YouTube, and other media into a Prezi.

4). Students will create a group Prezi project presentation to share with their classmates.

Structure: (Each student should first go to Prezi and create a FREE ACCOUNT)

1. Co-group leaders (one of the two assigned) are responsible for emailing the following information to:

a.  The name of your team and names of students on your team with their emails.

b.  Group leaders  have the flexibility to make a decision to combine their group with another group for creative and collaborative superiority on their Prezi presentation.  For instance, because the emerging sophomores had to leave early from the class, by default they will be forming one group with two leaders.  They have not named their group but I am giving them an “aka”  those Super Sophomores!

c.  Students should use the  Getting Started with PreziPrezi Basics, and Cheat Sheets to acquire foundation knowledge and skills of Preziology!

d.  Students are to Browse by Categories a significant number Prezi presentations to help with designing your group project.

e.  Groups are to meet at least once a day to collaborate on their project.

f.  Students are to have fun with utilizing an array of content in different formats and finding new research based creditable sources in their presentation.

g.  Students must utilize Scoop It as one of their primary tools for gathering information presented in your project.


Our Mission Statement:  At the Well Leadership Academy seeks to empower young women locally to become effective leaders globally.  By promoting excellence in education, young talent will transform their communities.  We encourage girls to live beyond their limitations, achieve beyond their dreams, and impact communities beyond their reach.

Keeping this mission statement in mind, I want your group to do a Prezi that addresses at least 2 of the following questions:

*How can ATW scholars become global leaders?

*How will technology use influence your identity?

*How can ATW scholars impact their communities in significant ways to facilitate positive change?

*What can ATW do to stop violence against women?

*Why is social and emotional learning so important for overcoming limitations for achieving your goals?

One way to approach this project is to do your research, construct a outline, explore the Prezi formats and start creating and re-creating your sections.  

You will be graded content, creativity, use of media, and the collaboration dynamics within your group. 

2 thoughts on “At the Well Prezi Group Projects

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